Elif Human Resources

Allows you to manage your entire Human Resources

optimizing your total workforce.

Win the fight for talent and lead the people

about the purpose of your company.

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All in One

Data management faster, more accurate and better.

Interaction with the tax system.

Valuable basis, work permits, shortages can

be managed automatibly with ease.

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Automatic calculation.Contrast with the tax system.

Labor Inspectorate

Reliability in labor inspectorate reports.

Adaptation options

The program is flexible to make adjustments to different ways in calculations like day, hour etc.

Permits, various reports

Reliability in management and reporting of information

Data Management

You can save, edit
and report error-free,
very fast and with pleasure.



1-60 Employees

4.8in year per employee

with task


+250 Employees

3.7in year per employee

with task

  • Manage employee data
  • Manage the employee register
  • Certificate of Valuable Base
  • Permit management
  • Management of medical reports
  • Import payroll lists from excel into the program
  • Manage inflow exits for insurance
  • To generate the payroll
  • Manage shortages
  • Manage remarks
  • Manage reports
  • Manage permit applications
  • Manage employment contracts
  • Payroll Summary