Elif Human Resources suits every business, providing services tailored to the needs and needs of each person.

Elif Human Resources offers great facilities in managing employee data, payroll management, labor inspectorate, and in managing permits and employee reports.

Where it excludes from Excel that mistakes can be made by any form or risk of not managing access, Elif Human Resources offers security, quality and privacy in access protection.

  • Manages employee data: Basic data, contacts, payments, scanned documents.
  • Automatic payroll: Automatically calculate how much you have to pay the employee at the end of the month.
  • Labor Inspectorate
  • Manage permissions and reports.
  • Customization to your business.
  • Elif Human Resources is available everywhere on any desktop device. Designed as the most perfect solution for any business.
  • All services in one app.
  • Practical interface that hides the complexity of program services.
  • No training is needed after the initial implementation phase. Elif Human Resources is designed to be easily accessible to users.
  • Internal and external use, applicable to any office or distribution environment.

Elif Human Resources stores the employee data and history of each employee, facilitating us to:

  • Structuring Employee Data: You don’t waste time in archives finding employee documents.
  • Allows you to automatically generate: business day calculations, tax calculations, net to gross pay conversion and vice versa for all employees at once.
  • It automatically generates the employee log.
  • Manages permit applications and permit approvals, absences, payrolls for insurance and rewards.
  • Enables automatic employment contracts and documents to be submitted before work begins, including medical reports that are capable of working.

Suitable for Every Business

Elif Human Resources is suitable for every small or large business.

By Elif the Human Resources application you can manage in the best way the human resources of your business.

Elif Human Resources vs Excel

  • Ease of management: By Elif HR can work in the same time some people for human resources management in a company, but in an Excel for management of these human resources can not work with more than one person in the same time.
  • Avoid the risk that Excel data may be misused.

Increase Efficiency in Business

It’s an app that changes the way you work:

  •  shortens time
  • reduce the number of employees to deal with the job
  •  increase efficiency by working automatically by avoiding human error.